What Is Conversion Varnish?

Conversion varnish is lacquer which consists of a high-end solid two-part post-catalyzed application process. What this means is that at the time of application a hardening agent must be mixed in with the lacquer to provide the additional durability. Conversion varnish is chemical-cured and consists of 40-60% solids. Conversion varnish does cost more than house lacquer, but it is also much more durable and easy to clean. It is this characteristic that makes it an excellent option for painted cabinet doors.

Conversion Varnish Advantages

Conversion varnish is the premium paint finish for all sorts of projects, including cabinetry and cabinet doors. When you want the best and longest lasting finish conversion varnish delivers. It is more durable, easy to clean, and has elasticity which helps it stay looking great!

Better Durability

When compared to basic home lacquer paint; conversion varnish wins in durability. It is largely a solid coating which is hardened during the application process. It doesn’t have a tacky feeling like some of the regular house paints. So, it is better for high traffic and high use areas of the home.

Clear Coat Finish

When conversion varnish is applied there it has a clear coat look. This highly polished appearance brings a refined appearance to your kitchen or bathroom in your home. In addition to looking great the ultra smooth and durable surface is quick and easy to clean or wipe down after cooking big meals.

Better Elasticity

For cabinet doors in kitchens and bathrooms humidity is a factor. All wood no matter how well it is finished with have a reaction to elevated levels of humidity. As humidity rises the wood will swell and as it falls it will contract. Conversion varnish’s elasticity will help prevent cracking in your finish!

Easy To Clean

Conversion varnish simply applies smoother and doesn’t have a tacky or sticky feel like many kinds of house paints. That means if some food or mess gets on your cabinet doors it will be easier to clean. Better still is the coating is more durable and will stay looking great after years of cleaning.

Conversion Varnish Problems

Problems with conversion varnish are always a product of faulty application. The Door Stop exclusively uses the most skilled craftsmen to for our painted cabinet doors. You should be aware of the potential problems if you order from elsewhere, have doors that already have problems, or if you are thinking about trying to apply a conversion varnish yourself.

  • Must be applied by skilled painter

  • Color shifting due to the acid catalyst

  • Never apply more than about 3 coats or the finish can crack

  • Shop temperature must be in the upper 60s for 2 days after application