There are many types of hardware to choose from, and they serve a variety of purposes. There are the hinges, which hold the drawers on and can be minimally to highly visible, the handles, which can add an enormous amount of style and personality to your cabinets and finally convenience hardware specialized for specific uses, like spice racks, lazy susans and steps.


The hinges secure your doors onto your cabinetry. They can range from concealed to semi-concealed to fully (faux) visible. Our standard hinge is a soft-close hinge manufactured by Blum

mounting plates

A mounting plate is the portion of a hinge that attaches to the cabinet. Mounting plates can be used in doors, cabinetry and furniture. Mounting plates are available in a variety of sizes. The size of the mounting plate affects the door overlay.


At TIW we use drawer guides from Tandem plus Blumotion. They are bottom mount drawer guides, making them almost invisible (you don't see them along the sides of your drawers). They are highly adjustable, allowing us to get your drawers just right in the least amount of time. They have incredibly smooth running action and shut without slamming.



Pulls are typically as wide as your hand, and you can put your fingers through or into them to open the drawer. Narrow drawers only need one pull, while wide drawers need two.


Tab pulls offer a modern, sleeker look to your project. The mount to the back of your door or drawer front and have minimal visual impact.


Knobs are small, often circular, hardware attachments that allow you to easily grasp and open the drawer with one hand.


Convenience hardware will help you organize your cabinet interiors for specific purposes. From interior drawer dividers, to spice pullouts to laundry hamper tilt-outs, there is a vast universe of hardware that will make your kitchen, bathroom or laundry room more efficient.