Production is the overarching term used to describe what it is we actually do here at TIW: build cabinets.

Production starts with parts processing. Using ultra-precise shape files from Cabinet Vision, our CNC (Computer Numerical Control) router cuts each component part out of flat sheets of wood stock. Then, we use an edgebander to apply the appropriate edging to your parts before cleaning. Cleaning is the last step in parts processing: smoothing edges, sanding surfaces and tender loving care to render each piece as close to perfect as possible.

When we have carts full of clean, smooth, precision cut and neatly labeled parts, we begin assembly. Here, our shop team assembles cabinets, drawers & face frames, sizes and mounts doors, mocks-up and preps for finish and constantly controls for quality.

Production's last step is finishing. We then send parts that are to be finished to our colleague Rogelio Lepe down the street at HC Fine Finishes. He's the best in the bay, and HC has been doing local, quality work for over 30 years. After Rogelio is done, we will reassemble as necessary. Now we're ready for installation!


Each of these sub-phases has a tab on this site to explain what happens, when it happens, what information you will need to provide us and what you should expect from us. The planning sub-phases are: